Taxi screens


Mount-a-Part products are designed to be simple and easy to purchase, install and use. Answers to the most commonly asked questions are listed below


Q. Are there any regualations against fitting screens in my taxi or vehicles?

Many local authorities are promoting screens, although some may have their own specific regulations which you would need to check. Often they state that the screen must not alter the vehicle structurally and is a temporary fixture – our screens meet both of these requirements.

Q. Do the screens comply with EU regulations?

Yes, the screens are homologated in accordance with:

"A type of safety-glass pane pursuant to UN Regulation No. 43 (Supplement 04 to the OJ series of amendments)."
The E20 homologation approval number is: E20*43R01/04*000546*00.

Q. Are these screens easy to fit?

Yes, very easy. It helps to have a second person to hold it in place while you fit it. About 5 minutes and you're ready to go.

Q. Does this screen protect from anything else apart from reducing the spread of the viruses?

Yes, our screens are impact-resistant and knife resistant.

Q. How do I take payment from a customer?

There is a small flap in the centre of the screen which allows card payments to be taken through it. Each screen also comes with a plastic bowl to slide through the flap for cash payments.

Q. How soon can I get a screen?

We offer a next day delivery service. If you are local, we can sometimes deliver the same day (depending on your location and time of order placed).

Any further questions?